Children & Parenting

In many breakups, child and parenting issues can be difficult to resolve. The main issue is deciding which parent the child(ren) will live with primarily, and how much time the other parent can see them. Decisions may also have to be made about matters such as religion, healthcare and education, and which activities the children will participate in and who will pay for them.

Helping clients navigate and resolve these issues in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner is our main goal. Keeping the best interests of the children front of mind is a good guideline, and it is also the principle the courts use when making decisions.

Child & Spousal Support

When parties separate, they must consider whether it is appropriate to make financial provisions for their spouse and their children.
The government has guidelines for child and spousal support, but they may be challenging to interpret and apply.

Child support guidelines are more stringent than spousal support guidelines. Counsel is provided on the appropriate amounts to be paid or received, and income tax payments are kept top of mind.


Domestic Contracts & Agreements

It is preferable to have a written contract when couples start or leave a serious relationship. If couples agree to the terms of spousal support and division of property at the start of the relationship, it can save the trouble of negotiating those terms later. With a cohabitation or prenuptial agreement couples can structure their affairs in a way that differs from what a court might decide in the absence of an agreement.

We will assist clients in negotiating such contracts by advising clients about the law and all other matters to achieve the best possible result for them and their families.

Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

In addition to assisting his clients with pre-marriage contracts and post-separation matters, Howard is also qualified as a certified specialist in family mediation and to arbitrate family law matters as well.

If you require more information about ADR, please visit Warren Mediation Group.



When parties cannot resolve family law disputes through negotiation or mediation, or if matters are of an urgent nature that require court intervention, clients can rely on Howard’s over 40 years of experience bringing matters to court so that a judge can make a ruling, or a more favourable solution (achieving a resolution prior to seeing a judge).

The cost of litigation is great, but it can often be reduced through negotiation. Although Alternate Dispute Resolution is highly effective, only a judge can award a divorce.